The Chivalry Hierarchy and Women’s Corresponding Feminine Duties to Men

Jojo asked in a comment:

“If men owe all women chivalry because of the advantages they were born with, why do I not owe all men my womb since I was born with that advantage over them?”

Yes, you having a womb, the capacity to bear children, is definitely an advantage you have over men. A large part of the reason a man would marry a woman and provide for her is precisely his desire for children and his desire to provide to his children the best environment possible; the best environment for a child being a mother who can tend to the child’s needs as the highest priority without her attention being taken away from the child due to her need to work. The elevation of women is not ultimately because the woman herself is so special, it is because children need to be given priority and the way men invest in children is by investing in women so that the woman can then invest in the children more fully.

Men owe women their inherited masculine superiority. This is actually what Chivalry is, Chivalry is the expression of men using their inherited masculine strengths for the benefit of women and thus by proxy for the benefit of children.

Likewise women owe men their inherited feminine superiority; having a womb and therefore the capacity to bear children certainly being one of the manifestations of feminine superiority (though certainly not the only important aspect of feminine superiority).

So, if men owe Chivalry to all women as a principle does that mean as a corollary women owe all men access to their womb?

First of all the male Chivalrous duty is a universal principle but it is also allocated in a hierarchy. Men owe all women basic Chivalrous respect and consideration and concern for their well being but a man only owes his wife direct total financial support. A man’s wife gets a higher proportion of the man’s total Chivalrous capacity or total Chivalrous obligation because a man’s wife is the highest ranking woman in a man’s life. The man owes all women in principle a kind of Chivalrous minimum simply based on the general relationship of men to women, men being in a generalized state of authority over women and having a generalized obligation to guard the interests of women.

This general obligation of men in general towards women in general does not mean however that all women have equal status in relation to an individual man. A man’s wife has the highest ranking in a man’s life as far as his relation to women is concerned. A man’s mother or a man’s sisters would likely be next in the hierarchy. A man’s female employee then might be next highest in the priority ranking. A man’s female friends then might be next in the hierarchy. At the bottom of the hierarchy of women in an individual man’s life would then be the casual acquaintance or the stranger. Even the women with whom a man has the weakest relationship however are entitled to the basic minimum of Chivalry from the man because the gender status relationship of man to woman itself has some value and some importance and is a “real thing” regardless of how distant a relationship between a man and a woman is in practice. In other words from the man’s point of view the woman simply being a woman has a moral importance and significance in regards to what his relationship to the woman is and how he should treat and view the woman. This aspect of relations between men and women is a gender status; it is not based on any particular acts by the woman. The woman being a woman by itself establishes the man’s duty to show protective concern and regard for the woman because of the man’s automatic hierarchy status in relation to the woman above the woman.

Back to the issue of a woman owing her womb to every man because her having a womb is an area of feminine superiority over the man. The woman does not owe every man her womb; she only owes the man of highest ranking status in her life, her husband, her womb. To be a little bit more technical I am in favor of equal reproductive rights between husband and wife as a general principle but yes, you as a wife owe your husband your womb. Since your womb, your capacity for children, is among your most important powers and responsibilities as a woman the benefits of your womb need to be directed only to the highest ranking man in relation to you; your husband. No man of lower ranking than a husband has any right to the benefits of your womb whatsoever; in fact any man beneath the status of husband should most definitely be denied access to your womb as a lot of trouble will be created if you have children before an established marriage between yourself and the father of the child is formed.

Just like men owe women the benefits of their masculine superiority (Chivalry) in a hierarchy likewise women owe men the benefits of their feminine superiority in a hierarchy. A woman’s husband should benefit from the woman’s femininity the most; then male relatives of the woman are the next tier of men to focus on, then a woman’s male employer (assuming she is not married, she shouldn’t be working if she is married) may be the next ranking man in relation to her. Then come male friends and acquaintances next on the hierarchy. Lastly is the male casual acquaintance or stranger. It should be noted however that even the weakest relationship of a woman to a man should be a situation where the woman treats the man with feminine kindness and deference. Women should offer to men their positive feminine qualities as a general rule in the same way that men should be Chivalrous towards women as a general rule.

The closest counterpart to Chivalry for women is submissiveness; men should be Chivalrous towards women and in return women should submit to men. Chivalry and submission however are not really equivalent to each other or mirror images of each other. Chivalry is an unconditional duty of men towards women, submission however is not an unconditional duty of women towards men; instead women’s submission is conditional upon demonstrated Chivalry by the man first. Also the purpose of Chivalry is to benefit the woman, the purpose of female submission is also to benefit the woman; more precisely the purpose of female submission is to assist the man in benefiting the woman.

Male Chivalry and female submission do go together in that Chivalry by the man creates an obligation on the part of the woman to obey the man. Still male Chivalry and female submission are not really counterparts of each other; they are related to each other but submission is not the “female equivalent” of Chivalry.

Also it must be remembered that Chivalry is male controlled, Chivalry is something that men impose upon women as a way of the man furthering his own goals and purposes as a man in service to God.


Why Chivalry is an Unconditional Male Duty

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