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Why I am not a Men’s Rights Activist

My initiation into anti-feminism was when I decided intellectually that I was in favor of patriarchy around 1995. The logic of my anti-feminism was that I should contribute to the lives of women more. I developed this 1950s style domestic … Continue reading

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Why Gynocentrism is Good

The below are Fidelbogen’s definitions of gynocentrism and gynonormativism: Counter Snippets By Fidelbogen January 23, 2013 “Gynocentrism is the practice of placing women’s safety, comfort and general well-being at the center of social or political concern, and structuring life in … Continue reading

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The Natural Order, Chivalry, and Traditional Women’s Rights

Where do the rights of the Traditional Woman come from? What are they based on? Why should men sacrifice for women? Because it is so, because it is the natural order, because it is God’s will.

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