Worshipping Women on their Pedestal

I have been “accused” of worshipping women and being overly eager to place women on pedestals and it has been claimed that such behavior towards women turns women off. I have loudly and repeatedly advocated for Chivalry (the male duty to provide for and protect women) and that this duty of Chivalry is unconditional (not dependent upon the moral character or actions of the woman). I wonder, does that in itself constitute “worshipping women” and “placing women on a pedestal?”

There is an interesting term in use in the manosphere (among “men’s rights” types) called “pedestalization” which I suppose is the practice of putting women on pedestals that “beta males” in particular are said to be fond of doing. What is interesting about the term “pedestalization” is that it implies that women being on pedestals is artificial and that a woman has to be kind of physically shoved up onto a pedestal by an eager to please “beta male” in order for the woman to achieve pedestalized status in the first place.

The idea of putting women on a pedestal seems to have two different connotations; the first being placing the woman’s needs above your own needs and viewing the woman as “superior” or “deserving” or “special” in different ways. The second connotation is idealizing the woman and thinking she is perfect and without sin and placing expectations on her that are unrealistic and that she cannot meet in real life where eventually the idealization has to end and disappoint because the woman is not in reality perfect but is only human like everyone else after all.

A psychological study on relationships between men and women titled “Why You Shouldn’t Put Your Partner On A Pedestal” reported:

“The results revealed that, up to a point, it’s a good thing to think your partner idealizes you. People were happiest with their relationship when they believed that their partner saw them as slightly better than they saw themselves, Tomlinson and her colleagues report in the May issue of the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships.

But after that sweet spot, more fawning is not a good thing. To find out why satisfaction dropped with a greater perception of idealization, the researchers tested a few variables. They found that people who see themselves as over-idealized by their partners experience a threat to their sense of self. They feel that their partner doesn’t know them, and that he or she has expectations they can’t or don’t want to meet, Tomlinson said.

People who feel over-idealized are also less likely to make accommodations for their relationships, the results showed.

“People who are feeling over-idealized may feel like they have more power in the relationship, so they may be less willing to put their partner first,” Tomlinson said.”

I can see the potential problem with idealization and placing unreasonable expectations on someone else that don’t reflect what a person can reasonably live up to but women definitely are superior to men in certain areas of life in certain roles based on certain skill sets and abilities that women excel in (this being the feminine realm; women’s natural area of superior strength and ability). Furthermore women’s needs and interests do come first and should indeed be placed as a higher priority both for society overall and within romantic relationships in particular. If this counts as placing women on a pedestal then so be it; women are indeed superior in the feminine realm and deserve special status socially and legally and in practical ways due to the nature of the feminine realm and the importance and value of the feminine realm.

Do I “worship” women? That is an interesting question. To “worship” is something only fitting for God or towards something divine and women are not God. At the same time women do indeed have Godly purpose and Godly value (speaking based on my own philosophy here). A woman’s beauty and kind spirit can definitely be experienced as something divine, as something heavenly, as something that inspires bliss. Furthermore a woman is definitely worth sacrificing for, is definitely a “sacred” calling for a man, and can definitely be the center of a man’s life and personal identity. So even though “to worship” is something reserved for God alone women are definitely connected to God and one of the best ways a man can serve God is through means of serving a woman.

Is femininity “divine?” I would say yes as femininity comes from God; it is an attribute and positive moral force God has granted to women in service to mankind to make the world better, more pleasant, more sociable, more warm and welcoming.

Part of femininity is women’s romantic and sexual desirability to men and this of course is a great source of pleasure for the men of this world and a great source of purpose and idealism for men as well in service to women and by extension in service to those women themselves are in service to.

So women are not God but women are extensions of God and created by God and meant to serve a Godly purpose and one of the best ways to serve God is to serve women and men are programmed by God to love women and experience women as beautiful and desirable and euphoric explicitly for the purpose of motivating men to serve women and to place women’s interests and needs above their own idealistically.

I am sure I am just confirming here that I really do pedestalize women and worship women just like I have been accused of doing by others. In my defense however to not pedestalize women or see and honor the good, indeed superior, attributes of women makes no sense to me. Why would I refuse to acknowledge women’s superiority in the feminine realm? I value femininity and therefore praise and support femininity. To do otherwise would be entirely destructive and entirely wrong. To act as though there is nothing special or valuable about femininity would be a complete lie. Even worse such an attitude is a set-up for me denying my responsibilities and duties towards women; duties that I owe to women precisely based on the need and obligation to support and uphold women’s femininity; women’s unique and special contribution as women.

In a forum discussion where the topic was “What does it mean exactly, to “put a woman on a pedestal”?” DennyCrane offered:

“I tend to think of it as elevating a person to a level where you think they’re more important than you, where their needs matter more than yours, and where you’re too willing to forgive their mistakes or overlook their faults. A lot of guys do this. They see the person for what they wish or imagine them to be, not what they really are. A relationship where you’ve done this can’t last because you’ve set it up to be a one where it’s unequal. You’ll end up doing more for her than she does for you. Over time, that just leads to resentment and feeling taken for granted.”

This comment by DennyCrane is interesting on a number of levels. First there is a confusion between putting the needs of the woman first and being “too willing to forgive their mistakes or overlook their faults” and seeing the woman according to “what they wish or imagine them to be, not what they really are.” Putting the needs of the woman first is different from overlooking her faults and only seeing what you want to see in her. As a man you don’t put the woman’s needs first because she is superior to you in some kind of overall sense, you put the needs of the woman first simply because that is your duty and role as a man; that is a basic part of how men should treat women. How you perceive the woman is a separate thing and you can see a woman entirely realistically with faults and all and still put the needs of the woman first regardless.

Then comes the assertion “A relationship where you’ve done this [put the woman on a pedestal] can’t last because you’ve set it up to be a one where it’s unequal. You’ll end up doing more for her than she does for you. Over time, that just leads to resentment and feeling taken for granted.” Here we get to the heart of what it means to put women on a pedestal. Pedestalizing women is unequal and leads to the man giving more to the woman than the woman gives to the man! That is the whole point! That is the goal! In a romantic relationship the man should always be giving more to the woman directly than what the woman gives to the man directly because men are to support women and not the other way around. Such “inequality” is sustainable and is indeed the ideal and will lead to a happier more stable longer lasting relationship AS LONG AS the man is given dominance in the relationship and understands the moral idealistic purpose he is serving by supporting the woman and placing the woman on a pedestal in the form of placing her needs above his.

Latter on in the forum discussion Andreaspercheron responds to DennyCrane with an absolutely brilliant and wonderful comment:

“I tend to agree with Dennycrane. He said it pretty much the way I would have.

The only thing I’d add or maybe change slightly is that yes some men do this and the woman really isn’t worth all the fuss they make but there are some genuine men who really put their women ahead of everything, cater to their needs, really truly adore them and worship the ground they walk on and in these cases I’ve seen, the woman really does deserve it. She is that quintessential stay-at-home Mom who’s home is always perfect, kids are well behaved, has a sit-down dinner for her family ready every night when her man comes home and they have a genuinely solid relationship and too, he’s a good guy too. They kind of worship each other. He brings flowers, etc… It’s a very meshed relationship. I think in cases like that a man putting a woman on a “pedestal” is okay.”

I think putting a woman on a “pedestal” and in a sense even “worshipping” the woman is OK, even to be encouraged. Definitely the man should place the woman’s needs above his own and give more to the woman than the woman gives to him. That is just basic in a romantic relationship. At the same time as a man I definitely expect to be honored and respected and obeyed; to be admired and valued and yes loved for my masculine characteristics and to be given certain “privileges” consistent with and supportive of my masculine roles and duties as a man. As I place the woman on her feminine pedestal I most definitely expect and demand my own elevated status as a man consistent with the special attributes I possess that are a part of my masculinity.

So now I have just become hated and despised by the feminists as a male chauvinist and an oppressor of women. Putting women on a pedestal is just part of the grand scheme to “put women in their place” in service of male domination! On this point the feminists are completely correct!

In all seriousness however I really can’t imagine not pedestalizing women, not loving and admiring and wanting women for their feminine characteristics and their feminine beauty and even more so I can’t imagine disgracefully abandoning the duties I know and deeply feel that I owe to women in service of their lives as women. If you love a woman you owe that woman all your strength and resources and capabilities as a man; it is really as simple as that. To love a woman means to be in debt to that woman, to owe that woman, to be responsible for that woman’s well being. Love is not just a feeling; it is a duty and an obligation to.

It is entirely possible that “pedestalizing” women in the way I am doing here turns off most women, that most women in this feminist society today don’t want a man who places women above them, that they instead want men who treat them and view them as “equals.” My response to this is that I really don’t care. I don’t want a woman who is “turned off” by my values and beliefs on this matter; I only want the women who are “turned on” by what I believe and who I am instead. I’m not looking for a feminist woman here; I hope the feminist women stay away from me as that would make my love life much simpler. If what I say drives away the feminists then that in large part is the whole point!

That being said; men have an obligation to support women and women have an obligation to be supported by men. Children depend upon their mother being supported by their father for their own well being as children.

Yes, women on a pedestal being worshipped by men is a good thing whether the woman in question prefers this arrangement or not.

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29 Responses to Worshipping Women on their Pedestal

  1. The Radical One says:

    “Children depend upon their mother being supported by their father for their own well being as children.”

    This is the point of marriage and of fatherhood. Society has now abandoned this ideal that men should support women and that women should care for children. Now women don’t care for their children and men don’t support women so women instead have to turn to welfare from the government (from the taxpayer’s dollars) for support because men aren’t doing their jobs anymore. As far as men depending on welfare or support from women, well they aren’t men in the first place and do an even bigger disservice to the family unit and rob from women and children. If men were doing their jobs we wouldn’t have a welfare state and broken families. Those men who don’t want to support women will also be the same ones complaining about affirmative action. They can’t have it both ways.

    I have no use for a man who would want to treat me as “equal.” I adore true masculinity in men so why wouldn’t I want a man who would adore my feminine side and treat me as weaker and more vulnerable?

    • monkeywerks says:

      Doing our jobs eh? A more accurate statement would be women are stealing both the children and the majority of a men’s wealth through divorce rape and the unjust legal system. Just wait until us really stop caring and quit supporting the corrupt system that is hell bent on destroying whatever motivation (which is virtually nil) for men to continue “supporting” women. The perverted type of chivalry as written here will never happen nor should it. The beliefs promoted here has never and will never exist.

      Oh and the shaming language is commonplace now. Us REAL men do not even hear it anymore. Its correct you do not want to be equal, you want to be superior to men.

      • chia maria says:

        You don’t even make sense monkeywerks. You’re all over the place. All I got out of your post is that it sounds like you’re using anything as an excuse to shirk your duties as a man, because you are lazy and weak. A real man would rise above all that instead of going tit-for-tat and saying “Oh yeah? You want to do that? Well see how you feel when I do THIS! Naaa naaa na naaa naaah!”. You, sir, are not a real man. Unfortunately you’re not alone; there’s a glaringly short supply of real men in this day and age. Particularly in the western world. Quite concerning, really.

  2. Женщина says:

    Keep telling yourself that, my friend 🙂

  3. Женщина says:

    There’s one problem with this, hopeless romantic one. Even the most traditional woman would get sick of you after a few months at most. Trust me.

  4. Женщина says:

    As an aside, have you considered getting a mail order bride? Yes, these women aren’t as submissive and they’re made out to be, but many women who sign up for the services wouldn’t mind getting with a comparatively wealthy guy with first-world citizenship like you 🙂

  5. ceebarks says:

    Huh, I actually kind of understand what you are talking about here, I think. I’d describe myself as a feminist, mostly ’cause the alternatives seem to be faking religion at some conservative church or eating dirt over at the MRA huddle.

    My husband is a total die-hard romantic who has never in the course of our 11 year marriage even hinted at me getting a job (unless I wanted one, which he supports on principle… but then also seems a bit relieved whenever I quit one, too.) He makes the money, handles the bills, lets me spend however I see fit within the limits of our budget, goes out of his way to get me whatever I ask for, and never seems to resent any of it one bit. He goes out of his way to make me feel loved in a lot of other ways, too: making/bringing me coffee, letting me get some extra sleep when I’m feeling down, telling me I look radiant when er, objectively, few others would agree, taking my side and supporting me even when I’ve screwed up bigtime and don’t deserve it. “Worship” might be too strong a word but… not by a lot. I was a bit wary of it for a long time– surely the other shoe was waiting to drop! but all these years and several children later, I have to concede it’s just how he is. I’m pretty spoiled now and I have to admit, I like it.

    I’ve also met guys who took the pedestal thing way too far, especially when they don’t really even know you. It’s discomfiting: “Is he a con artist, or just incredibly stupid? Either way, I need out of here ASAP!”

    That’s not the same thing as sacrifice and words of affirmation for a person whose faults you have come to know all too well, though. If that’s being put on a pedestal, then I think everyone needs a little of that from their nearest’n’dearest. But in my relationship I’m pretty sure it’s not an even 50/50 split. Maybe that’s ok, maybe not. I must be gittin old. I used to know things.

    (fair warning to MRAs, y’all can reply to me if you want, but I am unlikely to bother with you)

    Anyway, wish you good luck with your endeavors to find a suitable partner! My advice is to let all the politics go as best you can; I’m perversely fascinated with that kind of thing myself but over the next ten years I want to have spent a lot of time living and learning among those closest to me, and little time fruitlessly worrying about things I hardly influence. Too much of my life has already been wasted in pointless analysis of problems that have someone else’s name on them.

  6. rawr says:

    it’s pretty bs how people rag on mra. those few examples of women actually doing their part is not the norm. the average man is unappreciated and unrespected while the average woman is, forgive me for saying this, a lazy piece of shit. men were happy to provide for the women they loved, they still enjoy it on a deep fundamental level. the truth is that because traditional men have been shunned, shamed and ridiculed to the point of ruin for many, they have decided that enough is enough, that there’s simply no honor in being a woman’s plaything when she doesn’t so much as acknowledge his contributions, going as far as to say that she doesn’t need him.

    it’s nice that there are still good women left, but those women will be plucked up by the most attractive and most successful men, who will tend to have their pick of the litter. now i know that there’s nothing stopping a man from improving himself, and we should all strive to better ourselves, but when the odds are so stacked against the everyman, it’s statistically better to just say fuck it and stick to video games, pizza and minimum wage. while the guys who were tall enough and had the right opportunities in life are sure to find a quality woman, those guys who started at a deficit have to claw their way up for years, and when they reach a certain height in their late 20s to early 30s, they see nothing but used, jaded and bitter women crying about how there are no good men left. there are many good men, most men are good by nature, but women don’t care about good men, they care about valuable men, being good is just a bonus. think i’m wrong? look at how many abused and broken women there are out there, they chose to date, to marry, to stay, to have children with bad men. they preferred these men to a man who would be good to them, who was traditional. while there are some men who still fall for the bs story of a woman learning to appreciate good men and stop dating the bad men, we as a whole are slowly waking up to the reality:you don’t want us, you don’t respect us, and we are simply your consolation of cash prizes. we are good men, we deserve better, we deserve to be treated like the good men that we are, with honor and respect. most women have neither, many of the ones left over have learned respect at the cost of her honor, that leaves a small, maybe 5% or less portion of the female population left for the good men. many men competing for few good women, it’s easy to guess that most men will be losing out, on top of the risks of all the lying scum out there, it’s simply a bad bet, we know better than to expect the few quality women to want us over a slightly taller, slightly richer, slightly xyz more version of us.

    i found a great woman myself, she’s a wonderful girl and i want to build a future with her. at the same time i know that if someone similar to me who is taller(she wanted a taller guy, i’m at her height), has more hair, etc etc, she will leave if she feels there’s a future with him. i have to live with that reality, that because i’m not in the top 5% of men simply because of my genetics and birthright, that women have “better” options than me. i won’t hold it against her if that happens, she deserves the best. i also know that the other guy is far more likely to break her heart, and if she does come back crying about her mistake, out of respect for myself, i can’t and won’t be there for her. women need to feel the consequences of their actions, something that feminism has eliminated.

  7. JELLA says:


    • Hannahd says:

      Women do need men. If women didn’t need men they would not be hurt that men are going MGTOW. Both men and women are too afraid to swallow their pride. MGTOW brings that out in great detail.

  8. Real says:

    Men always sleep on their responsibities to raise their children. Hence, feminism. If men didn’r abandon woman all the the time and the woman didn’t need jobs we wouldn’t need feminism. How many single mothers exist?

    Woman have to get jobs, tell off men, build boundaries, look out for the greatest man of the bunch cuz otherwise they get abandonned,damaged, abused, and raped.

    I give losers chances and they cheat on me or ditch me. Don’t see me talking about it. Enjoying my victimhood.

    Rawr and men like him will never find a good enough woman, cuz their ego’s are so massive and they hate 95% of woman for being flawed. If you have to say you’re a good person, you aren’t..Such a nice guy hating 95% of woman. Calling all woman lazy peices of shit, calling himswlf a good man though going on this epically long rant. Nobody will read. I do hope you go your own way.
    The funny thing is romantically celibate feminists don’t bitch this much or make a big deal outta it.They just don’t date.

    Rawr you’re girl will ditch you cuz you aren’t trying to understand her. Maube she does like your short humbleness. I like a little nerd in my lovers…and friends.

    • Hannahd says:

      I can see where you are coming from. There are men who abuse their power. My first Husband was as lousy as anyone can get. I gave him the benefit of the doubt for a long time, until I got to 26 and realized I didn’t want to deal with abuse and neglect from him for the rest of my life and I might as well walk out when I was young enough to remarry and have more children. Less than a year later I got my wish, but he has our daughter and won’t let me take her. I have never witnessed him be cruel or abusive toward my daughter and they get along very well and felt like it was in her best interests to know her father, so I let him share custody and now he won’t cooperate with me because he doesn’t like my new husband. He is lazy and has never had a job that has lasted and he is reclusive and plays video games too much. He also has a bad temper and has punched holes in walls and has destroyed household objects and has twice strangled me over trivial things. He is weak and he relied on me to handle everything in the household including outside affairs and finances. I simply can’t stay with a man like this. We met in our late teens and early 20s with me being 3 years older than him. When I first met him I gave him the benefit of the doubt. He seemed like a good man at 17 years old but as I knew him he didn’t mature and he got worse. I believe feminism in itself allows men to think they can get away with this sort of behaviour. My ex Husband was raised as a christian and he attended sunday school. I expected him to have good values. He would argue with me that men and women were completely equal and that I should be the one to find a job instead, which disgusted me. He would tell me how lazy I was when I was caring for the house and our daughter and nursing our daughter and co-sleeping with her up until she was 2 and a half, whilst all he did all day was play video games. If he had been raised to take his responsibilities seriously as a man he would not be behaving this way. Feminism actually allows men to get away with bad behaviour, so it destroys it’s objective in many ways,

    • monkeywerks says:

      Its funny how you twist Rawr’s insecurities and into “his ego” that you then shame. furthermore, its women who by and large kick men out of the families. Women in the US have an instant entitlement attitude and if they are not happy for even the shortest time its by by guy. That is why no man should invest anything into an American woman. Some are nice enough to have sex with but that is the limit any man should involve himself with one.

      Thankfully I am not a ‘nice guy”. I’m an asshole and god dam proud of it.

      • Khaleesi says:

        Maybe if men didn’t act like women are living fleshlights they wouldn’t cause wife’s to leave?
        Maybe if men gave more of a care and were more tender theyd get laid more?
        Maybe men should be more interesting?
        Maybe if men were more then just adequate women wouldn’t leave all the time?
        Maybe if men didn’t abuse/cheat on/use their wives, wives would stay?
        Such self pity! It so cute!

      • Hilary says:

        tell me how being an asshole gets you what you want? I have had people emotionally abuse me into staying with them, and then I figured it out and they were banned from my life, I have had people try to game me into giving it up, never worked. The red pill way is culty and abusive and had lead to many divorces and break ups. I mean, if you are proud of being abusive, good on you, but in the long term, even an impovished loner will leave if you act like that, I am proof of that.

      • chia maria says:

        Not to mention he says he is a proud asshole and then wonders why relationships with women don’t last. Could it possibly be because he’s an asshole? Maybe remove the “asshole” element out of the equation first so as to find out if the source of your failed relationships are truly due to American women or due to yourself, then you’ll know who the culprit actually is. HOWEVER, I think that if it’s not in a guy’s nature to be a prick, then he’ll still be a nice person, no matter what happens. And if he becomes a prick because he got “screwed over” by some women, then he was most probably a prick to begin with. You can’t bring out something within you unless it was there to begin with.

  9. man says:


    “husbands should live with your wives in understanding, showing honor to the weaker female sex…” (1Pe 3,7).

    “Let her be thy dearest hind, and most agreeable fawn: let Her breasts inebriate thee at all times; he thou delighted continually with her love.” (Prov 5,19)

    Yes, the bible says: man (male) should showing honor to the female sex.
    and also for men: Her breasts (body) inebriate thee at all times… 😉

    This is ideal

  10. zena says:

    Get help!

  11. Hannahd says:

    My advice to you Jesse is to find someone who appreciates all you have to offer. My suggestion would be to go down the route of looking for a mail order bride. Foreign women appreciate chivalrous, humble men like yourself. I may be a western woman that appreciates chivalrous and humble men but there are not many of us around. You are in your 40s now and you don’t really want to sit and wait for one. I would suggest going Thailand or the Philippines and perhaps looking for a wife there. You have so much to offer. I know you say you don’t earn much but how much is enough? You don’t have to have the best job available, you just have to earn enough to pay for the basics and with good budgeting you can support a family. I remember seeing you on facebook back in 2012 and you have always seemed like such a good man. I don’t like seeing you lonely.

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  13. Hakeem says:

    men have an obligation to support women and women have an obligation to be supported by men. Children depend upon their mother being supported by their father for their own well being as children.) Is this guy fukin dumb or what???????

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  15. FamilyFirst says:


    – Maybe if women respected men, men would respect women?
    – Maybe if women didn’t shame the tender and caring men, the men would want the women?
    – Maybe if women made an attempt to be more interesting instead of expecting the men to always be interesting, they would get more interested men?
    – Maybe if women were simply adequate instead of mediocre, men would commit to them?
    – Maybe if women didn’t abuse and use their husbands and children, life would be better for everyone?

    Such hatred! It’s tragic!

  16. FamilyFirst says:


    He is using the feminist/misandrist definition of an asshole. To a feminist/misandrist, a man is an asshole when he doesn’t serve the woman and do what she wants.

    Even you admit you had relationships with assholes and you claim that you left them eventually. Well, they never really wanted to be with you for the long term anyway. You see, high quality individuals can see when someone is of low quality and they tend to move on – that’s what makes them successful.

    You probably couldn’t maintain a relationship with a high quality individual for whatever reason so you hung out with assholes until they got to be too much. A high quality individual would never stay in a relationship with an asshole for any length of time.

    Instead of taking responsibility for their own poor choices, too many women just blame the men in their lives and call all of them assholes. When you learn to respect and adore a high quality man, he will commit to you.

  17. FamilyFirst says:

    @chia maria

    What you said also applies to women. If it’s not in the nature of a woman to be a prick, she won’t become one just because a man may have “screwed her over.” But if it’s in a woman’s nature to be a prick (or a bitch) then she will become one no matter what kind of man she is with. A woman who complains about how all the men she has been with are assholes probably is probably an asshole herself. She obviously can’t entice and/or retain a high quality man so she goes with assholes because they may satisfy her temporary needs at the moment – but these relationships usually don’t work out. Then she will just become bitter and blame all men for her problems because she is too arrogant to admit that she needs to make better personal choices.

  18. FamilyFirst says:


    You got it backwards. Single motherhood exists because of feminism. Feminism taught women to believe that “a woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle.” So women have children with men and then leave them and that’s assuming that women even married the fathers of their children in the first place, which they usually don’t nowadays.

    You say you give losers chances and they either cheat on you or ditch you. You claim to enjoy it. Why? Why would you give losers chances? Why not go for winners?

    The answer is clear. You hate men. You don’t want to be committed to them. That’s why you give losers chances – because you know it won’t last.

    Then you say that “romantically celibate” feminists don’t bitch much? Please, they bitch all of the time. They hate MGTOW and MRAs. You are bitching on this post about the losers you claim you give chances to.

    You also rambled about how women have to get jobs. Yes and so do men. Every competent adult should get a job.

    More men are raped in the U.S. than woman, according to figures that include sexual abuse in prisons. In 2008, it was estimated 216,000 inmates were sexually assaulted while serving time, according to the Department of Justice figures. That is compared to 90,479 rape cases outside of prison.

    Men have always been abused and neglected more than women have throughout history but few talk about it.

    Three unidentified women abducted a 23-year old man and repeatedly raped him over 4 consecutive days. Khalil of Karachi, Pakistan working as a waiter was lured into a car and driven away. He was drugged and subjected to sexual assault over 4 days. A police spokesman said “His condition is really bad … his genitals are bleeding and he cannot walk properly,”. The women are suspected to belong to rich families.

    The National Crime Victimization Survey turned up a remarkable statistic. In asking 40,000 households about rape and sexual violence, the survey uncovered that 38 percent of incidents were against men.

    The DHHS data shows that of children abused by one parent between 2001 and 2006, 70.6% were abused by their mothers, whereas only 29.4% were abused by their fathers.

    And of children who died at the hands of one parent between 2001 and 2006, 70.8% were killed by their mothers, whereas only 29.2% were killed by their fathers.

    Furthermore, contrary to media portrayals that leave the viewer with the impression that only girls are ever harmed, boys constituted fully 60% of child fatalities. (Table 4-3, p. 71, Child Maltreatment 2006, http://www.acf.hhs.gov/programs/cb/pubs/cm06/cm06.pdf, reports that 675 boys died in 2006 as compared to 454 girls).

    So “Real” you are not in a position to give relationship advice to anyone since you admit you have relationships with losers and since you clearly don’t understand men at all.

  19. FamilyFirst says:

    @chia maria

    You are a fine one to talk about how other people are weak and lazy. You keep talking about men’s responsibilities and duties to women. Well, what about women’s responsibilities and duties to men?

    You are clearly too weak, arrogant, entitled and lazy to fulfill your responsibilities and duties to a good man. But that has become an epidemic among many western women.

    Femininsts/misandrists decided to shirk their responsibilities and duties to men but insisted that men honor their responsibilities and duties to women. Men are finally deciding – and rightfully so – that it’s ridiculous to love, honor and respect women when they won’t reciprocate. Now the man-haters are angry and bitter.

    You want a good, strong man who will fulfill his responsibilities and duties to you? Then become a good, strong woman who fulfills her responsibilities and duties to a good, strong man. What makes a man a good, strong winner is his ability to spot a good, strong woman. People with honor and a sense of commitment seek others who have honor and commitment. Winners pick other winners. If you wind up with a lot of losers, maybe you should do a personal inventory and find out why the winners aren’t picking you out.

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